5 sneaky ways men ask women for sex in relationships

It is not unheard of for men to agree to no-sex relationships, only to begin pressuring the babe mid-way through the relationship for sex.

Because of the agreement struck at the beginning of the relationship, it is usually difficult to expressly ask for sex. So these men have devised sneaky ways of doing it. Lowkey, cunning ways of asking for sex and putting the woman under pressure to give it up.

Below we 5 of the most sneaky ways men do this:

1. “I need sex to test our chemistry”

When he hits you with this, just answer him and say chemistry can be decided without sex.

2. “I have blue balls”

In a relationship that was begun on the condition that there would be no sex, stating this condition regularly to a babe is nothing else but a lowkey way of asking to get some.

If he continuously tells you this every time he has it, simply remind him that it is not a life threatening situation and he will be just fine.

3. He says no to making out

All of a sudden, something as simple as a simple forehead kiss, which he used to do without any qualms, becomes too difficult. He goes on to say there’s no point in doing it since it leads nowhere.

Well, it sounds true on the surface but deep down, it could be another way of trying to sway you to dancing to his tune.

4. “We’ll eventually do this anyway”

If he says this as a way to codedly get you to lay with him, just remind him to wait for it. He’ll surely get it. So he might as well wait for it.

5. You only live once

Well, that’s exactly why you are supposed to live it on your own terms, right?!