8 types of friends you need to let go off

The contender

He worked hard to get better grades than you in
school, tried to win all the girls’ attention, compared notes on who
took the better holiday, and is now comparing your kid with his. Why are you
still friends? Healthy competition between friends keeps both parties
motivated. But if the camaraderie is about outdoing each other, your
friend is your biggest competitor. So, tell him, ciao.

The MIA friend

missed wishing you on your birthday, failed to turn up when you lost
your grand mum. She is almost always busy when you call, and replies to text messages
after a week, When you do make plans, she cancels last minute. Let this
friend go. Face it; she does not respect your place in her life.

The commitment phobe

become his ‘run to’ person, yet he won’t pop the question. Like it or
not, this person is just not that into you. Pursuing a relationship with
someone who is taking it nowhere can result in damaged self-esteem.
Better save your time and energy for someone who wants to be with you.

The smarty pants

Nothing is good enough for her. No matter how hard you try, she nitpicks — about your clothes, hair, car,
dog’s breed. True friends don’t do that. Remember, when you allow
someone to make you feel like rubbish about yourself, you lend more
power to their burgeoning ego. Ask yourself, what does this do to yours?
It leaves you insecure.

The sulk pot

It is all about their misery. And if you don’t give them a patient ear, they take off on a guilt trip.
Take a break from this blundering person. Human beings feed of each
other’s energies. If you’re constantly in their company, chances are,
you too will turn into one.

The social-networkers

Social networking is great for networking. Keep it at that. If you’re spending more time with your virtual buddies than real friends, you’ve got a problem on hand. You need to get off Facebook and start meeting friends face-to-face. Your handful of true friends will be there for you. The 1000-odd Facebook buddies may unfollow you anytime.

The office spouse

you or he is hitched. Yet, that doesn’t stop you from indulging in some
harmless flirtatious banter. But you need to set boundaries if you wish
to preserve your sanity. It’s
best to nip it in the bud, before things go out of hand. Steer clear
from this temptation if you don’t want to end up losing your job and

The gossip girl

No point pretending to be someone who doesn’t care about what’s happening at the workplace. It’s okay to take a break and indulge
in some tittle-tattle with the gossip monger. But is this little birdie
tweeting at your desk way too often? You don’t want your boss
overhearing a back-biting session, do you? It might generate unnecessary suspicion and ill will. Why go there?

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