Actress clashes with policemen over impounded vehicle

mercy-aigbe-makeover-photo-2News reports have revealed a clash between Mercy Aigbe-Gentry and police officers in Osogbo after they had impounded her vehicle while she had been on a trip within the state.


Mercy Aigbe Mercy Aigbe

The popular Yoruba actress, reportedly had the clash with the armed police officers today, April 27, 2016, while she was on a trip in Osogbo, Osun State.

Vanguard reports that, while a minor misunderstanding had ensued between the actress and the policemen had been resolved with her seized particulars released, some armed policemen suddenly appeared and rearrested the actress as well as her driver.

Eyewitnesses reveal to correspondents that the actress who had been travelling in a gold-coloured Honda, was reportedly flagged down while driving towards Olaiya Junction in Osogbo.

Mercy AigbeMercy Aigbe

An undisclosed source adds that the vehicle was reportedly seized because the driver had been making a call while driving, while there have been other claims that a police cap put on the dash board of the vehicle, had attracted the policemen.

Her presence, has according to reports, immediately attracted a large crowd at the ever-busy Orita-Olaiya, which had almost led to the policemen being mobbed.

Aigbe-Gentry, visibly upset at this point, had been seen making calls and had had to be persuaded before she had agreed to leave the scene, even as the mob verbally attacked the police men responsible for her arrest.

However, after their release, about five new armed policemen had reportedly arrived at the scene, fired several shots into the air before Aigbe-Gentry and her co-travellers had been arrested and whisked away.

Mercy Aigbe GentryMercy Aigbe Gentry’s outfit to the AMVCA’s


ASP Egbedele, the assistant Police Public Relations Office, PPRO, Osun state Police command, confirmed the incident, while explaining that the matter had been a minor traffic issue which has now been settled.