Be Sincere, What Would You Do? | Guys, If This Happens Between You & Your Wife

Hi Guys,

Kindly through this short story below….

A driver was driving his boss to the Airport, the boss noticed that he forgot an important document at home, so he went back home.

His wife was bathing with a soap on her face, the husband tip-toed and touched her boobs, the wife responded, you’ve dropped my stupid husband so fast?

Don’t rush we’ve the whole weekend to spend together, am praying for him to have a plane crash so that I can enjoy you till the end of my life! She notice the person was quiet, she washed her face and saw her husband standing in front of her.

Guys, If You Were The Husband What Will You Do?

Ladies, If You Were The Wife What Will You Do?

We want to know.

Drop your comments.

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