#DJCP_7 Secrets women keep from men

–Studying the behavior of women is probably something that would take forever; as one could never be sure of what really goes down in their heads. 
–Women are capable of giving their hearts and bodies to men but that doesn’t mean the men know them inside out.
A woman could lie naked in your arms, moan and purr as you touch her, help you make major decisions and be part of your life but she could still keep certain secrets from you. Without trying to deface women, it would be good for men to know that there are certain things the women are not ready to let out. There would be some truths hidden behind scoffs, smiles and laughter. There could be important issues discarded with the wave of a hand to make them look irrelevant. There would always be secrets that would have nothing to do with you but she would go to any length to ensure you never discover.

Find below some of the things women keep as secrets from men
1. Someone Else Knows Your Secrets And Fears
While men like to think they have their women as their friend and confidants, the women have other friends and confidants too. There is a best friend out there with whom they share their worries, pain and good times other than you. It makes for good company to have someone else to pour their hearts out to. Thus, her closest friend knows you as much as she does. Your financial worth, fears, sexual habits are known by this special friend. And of course, women don’t tell men they have friends who are as important as you.
2. Exact Number Of Men She’s Slept With
As sweet as a woman could be to you, this is one thing she would never tell you. Women know that being truthful in that aspect would have a damaging impact on their personality. When she gives a number like 3, she’s probably been with more than 6. Their self-worth could be questioned and that detail could be used against them in the nearest future. Women hardly give out details of their sex life to men they have the intention of dating or settling down with.
3. Stalking
Women are natural stalkers. When they are in relationships, they take it upon themselves to check out your activities and look up your exes on social media and other search engines. Most times, they deny doing this but they can never help themselves. It’s an addiction they don’t want men to know.
4. Planning The Time To Sleep With You
Most women decide when to sleep with you from the moment they officially start dating you. They make many plans in their heads towards making the first sexual encounter magical. They discard some plans under the guild of them giving in to sex too early or them appearing as sexually uncontrolled ladies or wantons. As a matter of fact, many women look forward to that private time with you but would never say it. Even when it happens, they still feign shock or pretend to have been caught unaware.
5. Spring Up Fights To See The Emotional You
As crazy as this sound, women sometimes bring up fights in order to see your reactions to issues. They love the change of events and enjoy watching the men go emotional too. Women are known to be dramatic and they know this. In turn, they would do certain things to force emotions out of the men too. This is their way of checking to see if the men are as attached as they are to them. Women don’t reveal this secret as they know the men would never take them serious during subsequent acts.
6. Abuse
Some women do not like to share with men or anyone else for that matter secrets that has to do with them being abused. They might have been raped in the past or gone through terrible sexual ordeals. They keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves when it comes to dark events like that. Even when they go into serious relationships with men, they keep that information buried.
7. They Have More Cravings For Sex
Women have more cravings for sex but have a way of making the men feel they only give in based on the men’s urges. Women love to get down as much as possible but for religious and ethnic beliefs, women have been able to suppress their yearnings in order to be modest.

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