#DJCP_Baby Refuses to Sleep at 3 a.m. Minutes After Whole Family Rushes to Hospital

Kyle and Monique’s baby normally wakes once a night then they lull her again to sleep. However, that time was different. They never thought that their baby’s incessant cries saved their lives.
It was 3 am that early Friday morning when Celia cried for the second time. They were also perplexed not knowing the condition they are in until Monique tried to stand to get into her room. Then they realized something was off. Both of them are having burning eyes, dizziness, headache and nausea. The couple woke Celia then packed their bags. The moment they carried her, she began to vomit.
Thankfully, Kyle’s parents arrived right before he collapsed. They were able to contact 911 and were sent to hospital. Then they realized Celia’s sobs were the reason they were saved.
What caused this near-death experience?
Celia might not be able to understand for now but she saved her parent’s lives.

She also began vomiting when her mother carried her. Thankfully, a prompt call for help was made and 911 rescued them.

Then they realized a grim truth: they almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

They were airlifted to Vancouver where they underwent three 2.5-hour dives in a Hyperbaric Chamber for treatment.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and tasteless gas but is fatal when inhaled in large doses. It claims hundreds of lives yearly and is commonly prevalent in defective air conditioning units and cars. Monique also advised for houses to have a carbon monoxide detector.