#DJCP_Buhari attends memorial service in Kenya

– Buhari attends memorial service in honour of Kenyan soldiers
– Terrorists should not have a place in our communities
– Nigeria is willing to work with Kenya for the defeat of the insurgency
President Muhammadu Buhari during his working visit to Kenya has said that the world must act with more firmness against radicalisation and ideologies which promote the insurgency.
Nigerian president was speaking at a memorial service in honour of Kenyan soldiers killed by Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia recently.
Buhari stated that peace-loving nations must now move together and act with the menace posed to world security by the insurgents.
In a statement published the president’s media aide Femi Adesina, he said: “Terrorists should not have a place in our communities, villages, towns, cities and countries. We must all rise against the culture of intolerance, hatred and extremist ideologies, which drive terrorism.
“We must also act with more firmness against radicalization and all those who promote values and principles that threaten our unity and cohesion as a people.
“Nigeria is willing to work with Kenya, other African countries and the global community at large with a view to defeating these undesirable elements.
“We must take the battle to the terrorists whoever they are and wherever they are. This requires commitment, sacrifice, resources, collaboration and above all a realization that no country is immune to the scourge, as terrorists do not respect national boundaries, race, colour, religion or creed.”
President Buhari also commended the courageousness of Nigerian and Kenyan troops, and others around the world “who have remained faithful and committed to the cause of ensuring a secure and peaceful world in spite of daunting challenges.”
Nigerian leader paid special tribute to the Kenyan soldiers who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on their base in Somalia.
President Buhari has recently declared that the deadly Boko Haram group is technically defeated in Nigeria.
However, the terrorists continue their attacks.
In a fresh attack today, January 27, Wednesday, . 10 people have been confirmed dead while 30 others were wounded.