#DJCP_Exclusive: Harrysong speaks on marriage & gala endorsement

-Harrysong speaks on gala endorsement.
-Reveals plans to launch new album.
-Speaks on marital status.
Celebrated music artist and Five Star label mate Harrysong is no doubt basking in the success of his hit single, Raggae Blues which was released towards the end of the year 2015. In relation to his hit single, few weeks back the music star bagged the ambassadorial deal for popular UAC Foods products, Gala sausage.
In an interview with Naij.com, Harrysong speaks on his new endorsement, album launch, marriage plans among others.
How would you rate your career in 2015?
2015 was amazing for me. It was also challenging because of Reggae Blues, but basically, it was good.
Reggae Blues became a hit, did you envisage it would be a hit?
It feels good. I thank God for that. It has placed in my hands another challenge. You have to keep up with the good works, continue to produce hit songs. When I recorded the song, I knew it was a good song but I didn’t know it would become a hit. It was the chorus that stuck on people’s mind.

Any plans to remix Reggae Blues?
Reggae Blues is a masterpiece. It is a major song that has a remix already. I had five people on the song. When you have a song like that, it is supposed to have a remix. It is a masterpiece of a song. It is a finished work. I have listened to the song over and over again, nothing can be taken off, nothing can be added. It is a master work.
How does it feel being Gala sausage ambassador?
I am the first and the only Gala ambassador. It is a new one for me and it is big. I am excited about it. They took me to their factory. I saw their plans for 2016 and felt good about it. I have been eating Gala sausage but they have new spices and things added to it. They are bringing more things on board. I felt good about the new development. I will make sure the product gets to the masses. I will also testify about the good product to people.
What is the link between the song and your endorsement?
Reggae Blues is a happy song. Where I said share the Gala, share the goods, I mean, you should be happy I just used Gala to code the party. I didn’t see an endorsement coming. I just sang the song to be happy. The whole song is about being happy. It has brought a lot of positive vibes.
How juicy is the deal and How long is it?
I am sorry but I cannot disclose how much it is worth and is expected to last  for a year. It is also renewable.

Can you tell us about the single?
The title of the song is Akagum. There is one thing I know about the Bible which says As far as the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest time shall not cease. When you give, you will receive. I have been blessed by men that have good heart like E-Money and KCEE. I talk about Akagum because I know what it means. I was inspired to do the song by some men that blessed my life. I am trying to preach a message about giving. I featured Port Harcourt first son, Duncan Mighty.
Few hours after the song dropped, it was already trending and topping the chart. How did you achieve that?
We worked. We had to push it. It is also a good song and fans also grabbed it. When we dropped it, tweets started coming in. They were over a million tweets in three hours. It was hard work. The team kept pushing it.
When are you looking at walking down the aisle?
I don’t have plans to settle down now because i am still growing.