#DJCP_Hand of God appears in the sky above Portugal

–  A giant ‘fist-shaped’ cloud punching through the sky was spotted over Portugal;
– It was compared to a fist from heaven, a comet and God’s hand holding a fireball.
Weather blogger Rogerio Pacheco, 32, was at home, when he saw the fist-like cloud formation punching through the sky over the Portuguese island of Madeira.
The unusual cloud formation that was spotted over the Portuguese island of Madeira, which has been compared to the ‘Hand of God’
Mr Pachero said: “As soon as I saw the sky, I was immediately intrigued and I just had to grab my camera to take photo. I was not the only one who seemed to notice it and I could see other people also looking up at the sky. For me, the cloud looks like an outstretched hand with a fireball.”
Amazed onlookers have compared the bright orange cloud to everything from a flaming fist of fury to the iconic comet
The photos of the incredible moment have since been widely shared by social media users, who compared Mr Pacheco’s snaps to a gigantic hand of God, a burning fist of fury or a comet.
Could this be the real Hand of God or it’s just Mother Nature playing tricks on us? The Almighty has already revealed himself in a variety of forms and places, including  and even .
However, scientists are sceptical about such phenomena, which is known as pareidolia — when people interpret random images, cloud formations or patterns of light and shadows as images of animals, faces of religious figures, or other objects.