#DJCP_How to be successful in Lagos

— Lagos is competitive so uniqueness is required to be successful
–Many unsuccessful Lagosians lack the basic city knowledge to compete
–It is easy to be successful in Lagos just as it is easy to slide down
Lagos is a land of opportunities. A lot of people come to the city with nothing but eventually rise to the top. The road to success is a different one for different people but in Lagos there are some things that must be done properly.
Some people come to Lagos and for years, they either remain stagnant or slide down the ladder of fortune. This is because they fail to do some things that are necessary to improve financially in the city.
Here are reasons you are still unsuccessful in people

Right people

Lagos is all about networking. If you do not know the main man, you need to know someone who knows the main man. Whether directly or remotely connected to the main people, you need to find a way to get in touch with them. Successful Lagosians have been able to build and maintain relationship with people. This is not just the guys in your hood but the real people who can help to advance your mission. If you fail to roll with the right group, it might be difficult to succeed in Lagos.


If you did not come to Lagos with a silver spoon, you should be ready to hustle. You can’t get anywhere in Lagos by ‘forming’ when you don’t have money. To be successful in Lagos, you must be ready to rough it and forge you way to the top. If you are a princess or a prince, you need to put your royalty in your bag and work your way ahead. Rolling around with a fake ego will not make you successful in Lagos.


To be successful in the city, you need to imbibe the culture of saying. You can’t afford to ‘eat with all your fingers.’ You must be able to save for the rainy day. Saving will also help you to grab the opportunities that exist in the city. If you spend everything that comes your way, you are on the path to self-destruction in the city as people are quick to disappear when you become a liability. If you make money on a daily basis, you still cannot afford to throw money away today as the so called certain income might not come after all.


Successful people in Lagos go after assets while liabilities come after. If you want to continue to be relevant in Lagos, you must put your money in places where you can get financial return. Riding around in a big car or brandishing shiny wrist watch will not increase your financial base in Lagos. Successful Lagosians go for lands and properties and can fall back on it.


Everything in Lagos is about packaging. If there is something you can do or sell, there are hundreds of people in the city who do the same. What can give you the edge is good presentation and packaging. Lagosians are easily waohed by how good something looks so you must be able to impress them in a very short period. You can roll with the big men in the city and dine at the same table with them and you are presentable. Many a person can do things well in Lagos but because they can’t present it well, someone else will get the project and hand it over to them at a ridiculous price. You need to be able to make it look good in order to move forward in Lagos.

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