#DJCP_I Never Thought These Pictures of Celebrities Can Give Me Nightmares!

They say that the sense of sight is the most powerful among our senses. In fact, it is said that 40% of our brain is responsible for making us see. A very powerful one, isn’t it?
However, it is far from perfect and is easily gullible. We have seen enough optical illusions which rely on the artistic talent of the creators which fooled our eyes. In this short test, it will be proven once again that our eyesight should not be trusted for all the time.
Are you ready?
All you need to do is to focus at the white cross in the center. Do not shift your attention to the pictures.

Did you also see how faces as beautiful as Angelina Jolie’s turn into a monster? Their faces become distorted as we look at the center, isn’t it? Then the longer we look at the picture, the more horrific these faces become.
Why? Is it magic? No. It’s just science.
The yellow spot is an area in the retina where the largest receptors in our eyeballs are located. It is also known as the main field of our vision and covers about 10% of the entire range of our eyesight. Once you look at the pictures as shown above, your main field of vision becomes mostly empty. There is just a dark area and a white cross. The remaining 90% entertains the pictures at both sides.
As the pictures keep on changing, our brain tries to collect information from them. It is doing this manner alternating from left to right. With the main field of vision being busy looking at the white cross in the middle, the brain cannot get these facial features reliably but still combine them to a single image. Also take note that the period of time is very short, hence, other features are hastily merged with others. Then our ability to create faces is lost. The result? We are now seeing monsters.