#DJCP_Jonathan gave Dasuki campaign funds – Aziegbemi

– With President Buhari Nigerians are in for a one chance bus
 – The money that Dasuki received were not for arms purchase
 – Assessment of the Adams Oshiomhole administration
Colonel Sambo Dasuki and former president Goodluck Jonathan
Tony Aziegbemi, the member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo state, in the interview to the Vanguard explains why ex-president Goodluck Jonathan trusted campaign funds to his National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki.
Politician, who served two terms in the House of Representatives, dismissed the issue of arms scandal and gives his assessment of the administration in Edo state.
Aziegbemi stated that with President Muhammadu Buhari at the helm of affairs in this country, Nigerians are in for a one chance bus.
He said: “We are doomed for disaster, Buhari does not have the capacity to lead this country. Buhari knows and if he doesn’t know, that is a pity, that the office of the National Security Adviser is an office that is made to give security cover to the government of the day in whatsoever form or shape.”
The politician further added that the office of the National Security Adviser can and is mostly used for some of those things President Buhari is accusing Dasuki of.
“So, what Buhari is doing is shamelessly probing the political funds of the PDP though the backdoor. That is what he is doing with the Dasukigate.
“I can hazard a guess that there are over twenty different accounts in the office of the National Security Adviser and not all monies that come into the office of National Security Adviser are meant for the purchase of arms. Not. If not, where did the National Security Adviser get the money to buy the three Bullet Proof Jeeps they gave him after he was attacked and almost assassinated by Boko Haram? That money was not taken from the account meant for the Armed forces,” Aziegbemi said.
He also wondered whether all EFCC probes will be good for the nation, adding that they are not Buhari’s business as far as he makes sure that is what will happen.
The man has lost the capacity to rule this country, but thank God that four years is not too far, we trust the judgment of Nigerians and I am sure everybody was carried away by his anti-corruption toga, but I am sure that in as much as some of us believe that corruption should be fought, we also know that we are supposed to put in place policies that will develop the economy that would make Nigerians make money for themselves and make everybody happy in the system,” the politician added.
What he is trying to do is to paint PDP in bad light, to think that all the money that came into the office of the National Security Adviser was given to only PDP people.
“No. I can guess, this is about trust, that perhaps former President Goodluck Jonathan had implicit trust in Dasuki and felt that some of the money he needed to run his campaign could be channeled through the office of the NSA.
“What is really painful is that he is painting a picture that is not real, he is painting a picture that money meant for arms was being diverted into private pockets or into PDP stalwarts’ pockets.”
Speaking on the Adams Oshiomhole administration Aziegbemi said: “I will begin by saying that the high hopes that every average Edolite had in his administration in the beginning has been totally eroded and dashed. Since he came on board, he has not met the aspiration of the people.”
Dasuki is accused of giving ghost contracts to buy 12 helicopters, four fighter jets and ammunition. He denies the accusations.
The equipment was meant for the fight against the Boko Haram militants.
Former president Jonathan is yet to break silence on the issue.

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