#DJCP_This Love Story Is Better than Most Romantic Movies!

A woman named Heather was badly in need of a liver transplant as she was inflicted with a late-stage liver disease. For a person who works in the health industry as a nursing assistant, she knows how hard it is to get a donor since transplants have a long line of patients who also need organs to survive. She had no choice but to wait but her condition grew worse as time passed. That was in March 2004.
Enter Chris, a former Marines who that time did not know Heather at all. He learned her dire condition when he heard a co-worker talking about it. Without hesitation, he volunteered as a donor and underwent tests to know his compatibility as a donor. It matched. Then Chris received Heather’s phone number after contacting the hospital. Heather was completely surprised to find out that someone who is a total stranger would do such courageous act out of altruism when Chris spoke with her.
Then the rest is history.
Chris gave over the half of his liver to Heather under an operation. The transplant was successful and the two were placed in the same room to recover. The recovery took a very long time for the two of them but it flew fast since they were able to share stories and tell jokes. Then life has planned something else after they got discharged.
As if God has a fun time writing their story, a pleasant twist occurred months after they recovered when Chris visited Heather again. I was completely moved by this touching story.
Now, if this is savvy love story gets a movie adaptation, then I am sure it will be a blockbuster.