#DJCP_This Mom Gives Birth to TWO SETS of Identical Twins — on Valentine’s Day

Talk about some good Valentine’s Day Gift in this family.
Tressa and Manuel Montalvo only wanted a sibling for their older brother. Then a 1 in 70 million odds happened: Tressa gave birth to two sets of twins. Two sets of identical twin boys in particular. The doctors explained that she had developed two placentas and from there, the twins grew separately.
Seems like a very hard condition for her, isn’t it? Wrong.
The couple did not have any fertility drugs nor IVF prior to her childbirth and she did not suffer any complication during the course of her pregnancy. Tressa also had a very normal caesarian when the babies were conceived. What is more fascinating is the babies are born on February 14! Yes, the Valentine’s Day. Looks like they got another reason to celebrate the love on that day!
While their wish for a little sister did not come true, they now have a basketball team in the family!