Food Recipe Cook this fast mixed okro with just N500

Even when under a strict budget, you can still make a soup to satisfy those hunger cravings especially if you love solid food.

Mixed okro soup is one fast delicacy to make even when low on cash and you need a filling meal.

Okro  Okro is a fast and affordable soup to make

With N500, you can make mixed okro soup that will come with ‘animals’ (yes plural!). All you’d do is swap expensive bits for ‘dupes’ e.g blended pepper or dry pepper and so on and it’ll taste equally good!


  • Okro – N70

  • Dry Pepper- N50

  • Fish- N100

  • Kpomo (Panmo) –N100

  • Seasoning cubes- N20

  • Salt- N10

  • Palm Oil- N100 (you need just about a small cup size depending on preference)

  • Locust beans – N50 (optional)

Panla Fish ‘Panla’ fish is a cheap smoked fish that should be washed thoroughly

Panmo ‘Kpomo’or ‘Panmo’ comes with no nutritional value but it’s tasty when done well


  1. Wash okro and grate or cut as desired and set aside

  2. Wash and boil Kpomo with little salt and seasoning, let it cool and cut into pieces in desired sizes

  3. Bring dry pepper to boil (use water enough to cook the okro)

  4. Add palm oil, seasoning, locust bean (don’t add salt just yet) and bring to boil

  5. Add kpomo and fish, stir and cover to steam, taste at this point to check if salt is enough otherwise add.

  6. Add okro into the boiling ingredients and gently turn till it mixes

  7. Let steam for a few minutes (Do Not cover the pot)

Your okro soup is done!