For Guys – Here are 5 reasons why you should not have side chicks

For the longest time ever, cheating has been an issue that women have always cried out about their partners having side chicks, mistresses and other women threatening the existence of their relationship.

From the commonness of the reports about it, one gets the feeling that men must enjoy doing this. And that’s quite baffling, because having a sidechick has a lot of negative things and stress attached to it.

Below we list five of those things that should discourage you from having one:

1. Extra expenses

Cheating is an expensive habit most of the time. Even if you have deep pockets and funds to spare, isn’t it better to spend that on more productive things than cheating on your partner and doing things to bring her grief?

Am I cheating on my girlfriend when I masturbate?
To date more than one woman, you better be prepared for some more stress

2. Extra stress

To date more than one woman, you have to go through the extra stress of cooking up lies, joggling schedules to accommodate them all without the other suspecting anything, there’s also the extra effort it’d require to please them all sexually, keep up with their birthdays and other personal aspects of their lives, etc.

Why go through all this when you can invest your time and attention in just one woman?

3. Risk of losing your relationship

Imagine what happens when you get caught, – most cheats eventually get caught – what will your excuse be?

You may get away with excuses and promises the first, second and maybe even the third and other times, but at some point your partner will become fed up and dump you.

Woman saying stop
At some point, your partner will get tired of your lies and send you packing.

4. Guilty conscience

Eventually, people who have side chicks may become numb to the guilt of cheating on their partners. But before they get to that stage where they become monsters and no longer care, the guilt is usually there, biting and gnawing away at their peace of mind, making them constantly look over their shoulders.

You really don’t need this, or worse, the monster level that comes when your conscience dies from being perennially ignored.

5. Risk of STI

Sleeping with another woman or other women apart from your wife puts you at the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. What makes this worse is that you get to infect your partner, who is faithful and unconscious of your philandering ways, with the disease.