For Men Here are 6 most romantic things your woman will never get tired of

You can never satisfy women’ is one joke that has been ceaselessly peddled among the male folk.

The authenticity or otherwise of this is a different discussion entirely. What we are concerned about here is the things that women feel men should do more if they are ever going to get close to satisfying them.

Using real life women with changed names, we list six romantic things women would love men to do more in relationships and marriages.

Christiana says neck kisses makes her feel sexy and desired.

“I would love for my husband to walk up behind me, push my hair aside, and kiss the nape of my neck. It’s a simple thing, but it gives me chills. It makes me feel sexy and desired, even if it’s while I’m cooking.”

2. Morning texts

For Shade, early morning texts are the most important. She wishes her husband would bring roll back the days before they married, when he used to send her really cute text messages as soon as he was awake?

“When we were first dating, my [now-husband] would send me a text message each morning when he woke up. It was never anything important — he would just say hi — but those messages let me know he was thinking of me from the second he woke up. Now that we’re married, he can’t exactly send me a text in the morning, but if he sent one during the day — again, just to say hi, just to let me know he was thinking of me — that would be amazing.”


3. Cook dinner

Chioma would have her man cook her dinner more often. That’s one of the sexiest sights alive as far as she is concerned.

“I want to come home one night to my guy cooking me dinner. It can be spaghetti and meatballs for all I care. But a man making me a meal is about as sexy a thing as I can picture,” she says.

4. Long conversations

According to Sandra,“I miss those long, drawn-out conversations we had when we were just getting to know each other. So, the romantic move I crave most is my husband initiating an intimate conversation. We’ve been married three years now, but I know there is still a lot we can learn about each other.”

5. Get me sexy lingerie

“I love the way my boyfriend gets me sexy underwear. The first time he did it, he got me a pair of matching black expensive lingerie and I totally liked it. I wish he would do it more often.

I understand the need for him to always get the best and they are quite expensive, so I don’t really disturb him much, but I love it when he buys me those. It’s so romantic,” says Blessing.

Best Valentine's day sex experience.

6. Foreplay

Balqees rounds off this article with her opinion on foreplay. She says she’s lucky to have a man who understands the value of proper foreplay but many women aren’t so lucky.

She says: “I wish men would be more patient with foreplay. I am one out of ten women who have men that focus on proper foreplay. The rest are not so lucky as men would rather rush towards sex and orgasm, leaving their women unsatisfied.

I think foreplay is one thing men need to do more often, and more skillfully.”

There you have it, men; more simple ways to satisfy your women and enjoy the best romantic relationships and marriages.