He Promised Me Marriage, Now He Longer Talks About It And I’m Pregnant, What Should I Do? – Before Sex

A reader on Djchascolee.com has been bellowed after a man who promised to marry her if she allowed him have sex with her, suddenly stopped mentioning the marriage he promised earlier after the deed was done.

According to the lady, the result of their intercourse was her getting pregnant and she’ll be due in few months, but she doesn’t know how to tell the man, he is the one responsible for the pregnancy.

“She is just 21 and was promised marriage if she open her legs for him to bang her raw. She innocently believed his lies and opened for him. He ate her up over and over again and the thing entered. Now he is no longer mentioning marriage again. What do you think she should do?

She said,

“Am pregnant will be due in a few months time but the issue am currently facing is that the guy that got me pregnant promised to marry me but yet until now he doesn’t talk about marriage anymore. Plz what shud I do ?”

What Do You Think She Should Do?