Do you feel insecure about your relationship and snooping behind your
partner’s back to find out what they’re up to? Do you have the
compulsion to read your partner’s mails or going through their cell
phone when they are not looking? Or you just have the habit of diving
for their phone whenever it rang, in the hope of uncovering a secret
lover, a secret message or something incriminating? Then, this post is
just for you.

Snooping on your partner might seem like a good thing to do, it might
give you some sense of security in the relationship, you might feel you
have the right to know everything that is happening in your partner’s
life; but it’s also riddled with a lot of insecurities, frustrating
moments, loads of jealous tirades, and excessive clinging. When I was in
the University, a married woman in my study group would always warn us
never to call her mobile phone whenever she was home, even if what we
wanted to tell her was about the group assignment or anything related to
school work. She said her husband was always quick to dive for her
phone and would conclude she was cheating if it was a guy at the other
end of the phone, they eventually got separated and later divorced.

Sometimes, it is very tempting to snoop; one might even snoop without
thinking, especially if one has a partner that leaves his/her phone
unattended to for a while, it used to be diary but I have not seen
anyone writing stuff down in a while, now it is social media, text
messages and e-mails most times. I remember one ex-girlfriend of mine
who asked to make a call with my phone while I was watching TV in the
living room. She went into the bedroom with the phone and after some
time came back fuming and throwing my phone on me with disdain before
going to bed. Once in the room, I tried to ask her what happened, but
she didn’t tell me till we went to bed (I also didn’t get the booty that night. LOL)
so, next day, I asked what my offence was, and I was amazed when she
told me I stored her number with only her first name while I stored
someone else’s number with “Baby”. I tried to recall whose name I stored with “Baby”
on my phone, none came to mind, and I simply told her so. She snatched
my phone again and scrolled to my younger sister’s number which I stored
with “Baby Sista” apparently she saw the “Baby” but in her anger, she missed the “Sista”. She still doubted me until I called the number, put it on speaker, and my younger sister picked the call.

It is surprising that some of us can be really weird in relationship.
When our relationships seem to be going well and we feel the love
blossoming, we just can’t imagine things to be so perfect. We suddenly
would try to find flaws to pick, or try to uncover some ‘non-existent’
dark secrets of our partner, however odd it may be, and then we go
around snooping and snooping until…

Well, my advice is; think twice before you put on your snooping
glasses, because as exciting as snooping may seem, it can actually bring
about a rift in your relationship that you wouldn’t have expected.
Sometimes, we end up making our own partner fall into an affair in our
constant pursuit of loyalty and security, and most times we fail to ask
ourselves how we would feel if our partner always suspects us, however
how hard we try to make them understand that we’re not a lying cheat.

But whether you’re sure your partner has something to hide or you
just want to know everything they do when you are not there, make sure
you’re prepared for the consequences of snooping in a relationship. So,
as you go checking their pockets, their phones, their e-mails, and
rummaging through their pigeon holes, I want you to know one of these
three things could happen.

  1. You Will Always Find Something You Wish You Hadn’t

As annoying as this may sound, it does nothing to change the fact
that it’s true. Almost every time you snoop, you are bound to find
something or the other that you may not like, even if it is something
very insignificant.

  1.  You Will Get Caught Trying To Snoop

This can be just as disastrous as the first one. If you’re snooping
and trying to find any evidence of some secret shag, your partner might
just walk in on you while you are at it, and I really don’t know what
your explanation would be. That you don’t trust them enough, and you are
looking for evidence or what?

  1. You Will Regret Snooping

Every time you snoop, I assure you that you will always end up
regretting, whether you find something or otherwise. If you find
something, you might regret finding such a secret, and if you don’t, you
would just be as frustrated or you would regret ever doubting your
partner. Either ways, there will be regrets, and certain times, it is
better to let the sleeping dog lie.

So, do you snoop on your partner? Do you have any experience
concerning a snooping partner? Why not let’s share it in the comment
section. Stay Safe

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