Here are a few tips to help you get over the fear of being cheated on and have a wonderful relationship.

1.Express your fears to your partner

The idea of telling your partner that you sometimes fear that he will be unfaithful might be uncomfortable for you but if your relationship is truly happy and healthy, your partner will listen to your pain and then do everything possible to help you heal those wounds.

2. Don’t generalize

Having fears based on past experiences is normal but it’s important to remember that history does not have to repeat itself in your new relationship. Always remind yourself that history doesn’t have to repeat itself again, stay positive.

3. Take care of your relationship

Try your best in ensuring your relationship sails well, always keep an open mind and try not to think about the hurt from the past, rather use the experience to strengthen your new relationship.

4. Stop seeking reassurances

When you worry about your boyfriend cheating it is easy to start checking up on him or asking for reassurances. The reassurance might give you some temporary satisfaction but it never lasts. You will eventually develop a feeling of doubt that can lead to distrust.

5. Be confident in your worth

Never let yourself feel inferior or worry that you are lacking in some area compared to others, this will make you feel your partner will look for someone better, always try to work on your confidence and your mind will be settled.