How to identify a JJC in Lagos

If you are smart, Lagos is the place for you. If not, you need to learn fast and blend with the city. This is because it is very easy to sport a Johnny Just Come (JJC) fellow in the city. There are some things the person would say and some mannerism you will notice that will indicate that the person has not been in Lagos for a a long time. The city is peculiar and unique the way every region is so you need to understand some things and blend fast before your naivety is taken for granted.
Here are ways to spot a JJC in Lagos.

Third Mainland Bridge leads to another country

If you live in Lagos, you’ll definitely know that the Third Mainland Bridge connects the mainland to the island. To a JJC in Lagos, the sheer length of the bridge plus the vast water is enough to convince the novice that the bridge leads to another country. Don’t be surprised if s passenger taps you in a bus to ask when the vehicle will reach Benin Republic.

Lagos is too noisy

Lagosians are used the noise to the noise that is experienced in most part of the cities. From bus parks to markets, it’s almost difficult to be in a quiet place in the city except exclusive area. It’s not impossible to spot a JJC who is in Lagos for the first time as the person would always complain that the noise is too much even when every other person is not bothered by it.

The airport is on the island

Murtala Mohammed International Airport
Ask someone who just came to Lagos that where do think the airport is and it’s very likely you’ll be told it’s situated on the island. This is probably because the island is the uptown part of the city and the mainland is considered the down town.

N100 can buy a decent meal

If you are in a restaurant and someone asks to buy rice, beans plus two beef for N100, you should know the person is a JJC in Lagos. If not, the person wouldn’t have tried. There is no place in Lagos where you can get a satisfactory mean for that amount. It’s very likely the person is coming from a place where food is planted and sold at giveaway price.

Spend hours trying to cross the road

Lagos roads are always busy as drivers are always in a hurry to get to their destinations. Commuters however have no problem crossing the road, zebra crossing or not. It is very easy to see the JJC on the road struggling to cross. Usually, they wait by the side of the road until there is no vehicle in sight. While this seems like the ideal way to cross the road, the luxury does not exist in Lagos.

Taxis are cheap

What is referred to as taxi and is commonplace in other places is for people who have the money in Lagos. The yellow taxi cruising around the city is different from the yellow buses. It is only a JJC that will assume the two are the same and will flag a taxi down with the aim of paying N100 or below to the driver.

Try to separate fights between touts

Touts, popularly referred to as Agbero in Lagos engage in public spa and fighting almost on a daily basis. In fact, Lagosians are so used to it that it doesn’t seem to be a serious issue anymore. They fight drivers, conductor and even themselves. Lagosians go about their normal duty when they witness one but it’s only a JJC that will run into the middle of marauding touts and try to stop their fight.

Wait for buses to stop at bus stops

Lagosians are used to the idea of hurrying to board and alight from public buses but a JJC does not know this. You will see the novice waiting by the door of the bus to grind to a full halt before alighting. While this is ideal, Lagos does not have the time. Drivers are quick to urge passengers to be on their feet even before the bus reaches the bus stop. You are sure to see the JJC shouting at the driver to stop for him to alight even when other passengers have jumped down

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