If The world Was To End In 5 Minutes, What Is That 1 Thing You Would Do To Make Heaven?

Hi Guys,

That was how I decided to get close to God small and listen to sermon on my phone. Luckily or Unluckily sha, the preacher was just talking about End Time and this seriously got me thinking.

According to him, there are prevailing signs that the END TIMEis near. He said, the signs are everywhere as we are now experiencing so many awkward things like the Bobrisky Syndrome of Gay and LesbianismBoko Haram, Badoo incessant killings, Lagos Island Flood among others.

At the end of sermon, the only thought rolling on my mind is “How To Make Heaven” because heaven is a beautiful place and I cannot come and burn fire oo! 

Now let’s discuss, If The world Was To End In 5 Minutes, What Would You Do To Make Heaven?

Drop your comments.

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