Love & Dating This is the advice you need after an abusive relationship

When a toxic, abusive relationship comes to an end, it would take a while for someone who escaped it to get back into another relationship with another partner.

The trauma, memories and horrors of the former relationship would need to be purged completely, and healing perfected before another relationship should even be considered.

If you find yourself leaving an abusive relationship or just out of one, these are three things you need to know before approaching another relationship.

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You can find love again. (Getty Images)You can find love again

Don’t allow a pattern of bad relationships make you believe you’re not capable of having a healthy, happy relationship.

You can trust yourself again in a new relationship but what’s important this time around is getting in touch with your needs and recognizing the red flags that are obvious but often ignored. You just need to learn how to love healthier and smarter.

Be clear about what you won’t permit in the next relationship

Before starting your love life afresh, make a mental note of all the things you will not permit in the next relationship; all the things you may have ignored in the previous relationship to your detriment.

You don’t want to make the same mistake again so the best thing to do would be to be clear from the onset about boundaries, desires, limits of what is acceptable and what’s not.

He does not want me except I send him my nudes.
Don’t hide the things you went through in the previous relationship. (The Tab)

Be upfront about these things

Your new partner needs to realise where you are coming from. It really is not wrong to put this important fact out there. You were in a bad relationship which affected you and left mental scars on you.

Whoever would date you needs to understand this. There is a special way to relate with you even if it is only at the beginning, before you become comfortable and relax with that partner.

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