Music Review: Praiz And His Rhythm, Like Never Before

Music Review: Praiz And His Rhythm, Like Never Before

Soul/RnB star Praiz’s latest effort, Mercy, is
a deviation from the style set by his previous works. He blends his
normal RnB with copious Afrobeat rhythms throwing obvious elements of
Soukous into the dance compelling mélange produced by Password.

The song intros with a couple of synth keyboard strikes that fade
under Praiz’s distinctive vocal cue for the kicks, hi-hat and shaker at

Praiz: Oh lord have mercy

Oh na na na

If I tell you say you be the only one for me

Back up: shey you go believe me

Praiz: If I tell you say there is no other one oh na…

Back up: shey you go believe me

Praiz: If I tell you say all dem skele me no dey see

Back up: shey you go believe me

Praiz: Ooh na na

Ooh na na

Praiz: If tell you say I go marry you come tomorrow

Back up: shey you go believe me

Praiz: If I tell you say I go take away all your sorrow

Back up: shey you go believe me

Praiz: I wish dem know wetin you mean to me, dem no know

… goes the first verse, a la call and response…

It is a love song, a song of commitment that would definitely stay on
repeat at wedding receptions. It is about how Mercy, obviously a lady,
has taken over the artiste’s mind and how urgently he wants to show how
much he loves her.

The way he played on the dual function of the word Mercy ─ as a name ─
and mercy ─ as an English noun for compassion ─ gives the song a whiff
of well placed lyrical playfulness that works well as a hook.

The syncopated arrangements subtly flowing in and out throughout the
4:10-minute song, bestows an appropriate dose of jazz on the piece. The
backup singers’ modulation starting at 1:03 borrows from Don Jazzy’s
pattern to add the classic-chorister edge, while the energy infused in
the whole piece boosts it as a dance party favourite in a Terry-glike manner.

The rhythm guitar riffs splashed all over the song add soukous flavour to the song, reminding everyone of Praiz’s recent hit, Oshey, where he featured Congolese  Makossa big hitter, Awilo Longomba.

Though I would have personally preferred another adlib for the outro,
Praiz thinks otherwise and he decided to go down memory lane to remind
us of Diana King’s 1993 reggae hit, Shy guy. That works well too.

In all, it is a brilliant mix that combines the entire element that would lift the spirit anytime.

One thing I can’t wait to see is the video. It is going to drop by
May Day, with cameo appearances by Vector, Sean Tizzle, Inyanya and
Timaya.  I hope it kills it like the audio does. I must keep my fingers
crossed though, tomorrow is almost here.

Why Praiz new video Mercy is a MUST SEE.

MTN Ambassador, Nigerian R n B superstar, Praiz premieres the music video for his single Mercy.
Directed by Patrik Elis, the video which features heavyweights like
Limpopo master, KC, Kukere crooner, Iyanya, as well as newly minted MTN
ambassadors Timaya, Sean Tizzle and hot rapper, Vector, showcases the
talent of Praiz in a way music lovers have never seen him bursting a few
kick-ass dance moves in the process.

Critically acclaimed music video director, Patrick Elis who has directed Iyanya’s Kukere, Kayswitch’s Obimo, Eva’sLights Out, had
his creative juices flowing all over this track as he pulled out all
the stops to produce a video that has a fresh and foreign feel.  Patrick
noted that the video was a very challenging one as he had to balance
the performance and soulful style of the song with Praiz suave style.

Mercy is produced by young and hardworking songwriter /producer, Password who is responsible for Champion by General Pype, Dare Art Alade’s hit – Style Na Style Remix and Davido’s Gobe.  The
song tells the story of a man who is head over heels with a young lady
named Mercy. This profession of love see Praiz taking his stage craft to
another level as he moves out of his comfort zone of “slow” music and
takes on headlong the frenzied and very animated club banging style.

Praiz dancing skills are manifest in Mercy with his female
backup dancers swaying to the groove. Shot against a brick wall like a
scene taken out from a foreign movie, the video has a composed and well
orchestrated feel to it. Accentuated by never-before-seen dance moves,
the video is a must watch.

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