My Top 5 Sexual Fantasies

My Top 5 Sexual Fantasies

I was talking with my friend the
other day and we talked about different things including some of our
fantasies; sexually and not. It was so amazing to find out that there
were so many people out there living to fulfill one fantasy or the
other, hopefully before they grow too old for it. I started thinking
about my own fantasies and discovered I’ve practically done most of the
things except sexually. It was a bit weird to think about what I wanted
to do sexually and how I want it done. I got my phone and started
writing them down; maybe I will show them to my next boyfriend and we
will do something about it. I read through it when I was done and
literarily laughed my ass out. Maybe I was being crazy or just being
adventurous but really, I will like to explore all my fantasies before I
am too grey for it.

These are my 5 top sexual fantasies; who knows, I may be writing for someone out there too *winks*

#1. Sex Trip: I had fantasised about this for a very long time
now. Travel round the country; just me and my boo. We’ll move from
place to place and for every peculiar historical landmark we see, we
park our car at a safe distance from people and have hot steamy sex at
the back of the car. It will be so much fun because some people may walk
past as us and have absolutely no clue what we are doing there because
we will have dark glasses. I like living a bit on the edge and doing
reckless things knowing that I can get away with it. It makes it all
worthy that I can have sex outside and see people walk by without them
seeing what’s going on inside. If we don’t have tinted glasses or the
boo is not up to it, we can go to an isolated place at night and have
the sex at the back of the car or maybe on the booth of the car.

#2. Secret Sex On A Night Out With Friends And Family: okay,
this one may seem a little bit crazy but I bet it will be so much fun
too. Like, I’ll go out with my boo and our friends and family. We will
decide to go chill in one of these really cool, fancy restaurants, just
to catch up on old times and what we’ve been missing. In between
discussion, we’ll get up almost simultaneously and take excuse to go the
toilet or something. Then, we’ll find a really nice, cozy place we can
hide for a quickie (probably the toilet) and then we come outside at
different times. Our family and friends will have no idea what we just
did. It will be our own very private secret tucked somewhere in our
dirty little black book.

#3. Strip Tease: this
may sound a bit silly but I started checking out videos on how to strip
perfectly with the pole and all. It’s not entirely hard and I’m willing
to learn how to twirl, twerk, bounce my ass, make my ass clap like a
professional just for my boo. It will crazy to give him all the package
right there in our room. Just me, him, the pole, loud sensual music and a
bottle of french cognac or whiskey. I plan to actually do this even
after babies. I’ll go to the gym, take more dance classes for my man.

#4. Bondage Sex: since the days of fifty shades of grey,
I’ve fantasized about this. We will use sorts of toys we can get and
experiment with them. I’m not a fan of sex toys and masturbation but for
I would not mind for just that moment. It will be so interesting to act
out all the sex scenes in the novel with my boo.

#5. Costume/Role-Playing Sex: I could act nurse, teacher, air
hostess, naïve student etc, just to spice things up. It’s my fantasy to
just dress up as one of these people and surprise the boo. As long as he
plays along with the role (which I’m sure he would), it will be as
sexciting as imagined. There are so many disney/movie characters that I
want to act as while planning costume sex. We could flip sides and ask
him to dress as a fireman, policeman, hunter or a doctor.

I know some of you are looking at me like a bad girl but who cares?
We all have at least one fantasy and to me, it is necessary. It spices
things up with your boo especially when you feel like the relationship,
marriage is becoming boring. Don’t be shy or scared, act out your
fantasies (but with the right person).

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