Nigerian Soldiers Kill Scores Of Boko Haram Terrorists, Recover Arms, Free 370 Hostages [Photos]

Some of the insurgents that were killed by the Nigerian Army
Courageous troops of the Nigerian Army have succeeded in butchering many Boko Haram agitators; crushed camps, saved 370 prisoners and recuperated arms and ammo of different gauges, Premium Times reports.

Talking amid a question and answer session in Borno, the appointee theater administrator responsible for operations, Lucky Irabor, a noteworthy general, said the continuous hostile prompted the passing of the terrorists in the previous couple of days.

A portion of the radicals that were murdered by the Nigerian Army

A portion of the extremists that were killed by the Nigerian Army: Premium Times

The press articulation peruses: “As a component of the guarantee of the Theater Command to keep general society educated of our exercises, this question and answer session has been composed to brief on the exercises of the troops in the previous couple of days.”

“In like manner, in facilitation of the progressing hostile operations to clear Boko Haram Terrorist (BHT) in the Northeast, on 17 January troops led a freedom operation at Shentimari general region and cleared Boko Haram enclaves and recuperated 78 rounds of 7.62mm ammo.

Boko Haram”Similarly, on 18 January at Chukun Gudu, troops experienced and crushed terrorist’s camps along Jillam, Bula Butube general ranges. Amid the trading of discharge, 10 terrorists were murdered, 2 AK47 Rifles, 2 AK47 magazines, 2 sun powered boards and 2 GSM handsets were recuperated, while 1 Isuzu vehicle was crushed.

“On 20 January 2016, troops cleared terrorist camps/enclaves at Ngwalimiri and Gazama in Damboa Local Government Area. While directing operations in Mufurundi town along Damboa-Bale street, our courageous troops blocked 10 Boko Haram suspects from Bego, Mesemarri and Bale towns conveying packs containing nourishment toppings, cleansers, and different things. Suspects are without further ado experiencing cross examination. Additionally, troops had an experience with terrorists amid development from Wajirok to Ajigin. Amid the experience, 3 of the terrorists were executed.

Boko Haram”In another improvement, one of our units situated in old Marte repulsed an assaulted by BHT and all the while, slaughtered 21 terrorists, while 3 troopers were injured amid the experience. One Anti Aircraft Gun, 10 AK47 rifles,1 FN rifle,7 x 60mm mortar bombs, 342 rounds of 12.7mm, 507 rounds of 7.62mm ammo, 1 Toyota Hilux, 1 Land Cruiser vehicle, 1 Improvised Explosive Device with charger were caught from the terrorists.

“In a related improvement, troops took authority of 3 suspected Boko Haram terrorists who deliberately surrendered themselves to Damboa Vigilante Group at Kaya town.

“Amid cross examination, they guaranteed to have been compelled to join the Boko Haram terrorists bunch furthermore partook in the Group’s past assaults at Askira and different areas.

Boko Haram”As around 1719hrs yesterday, 21 January 2016, in front of Cashew Plantation close Maiduguri, an obscure non military personnel attempted to obtain entrance into the town however was defied by a regular citizen JTF. During the time spent the resulting cross examination, he wounded an individual from non military personnel JTF to death however was shot by another Civilian JTF.

“In continuation of the continuous operation, troops progressing to clear Dure town, went under Boko Haram terrorists snare at Rugga Fulani however were cleared. Amid the experience, 8 Boko Haram terrorists were murdered, 2 AK47 rifles, 2 privately made Dane Guns, 3 AK47 Magazined with 38 rounds of ammo were recuperated. Additionally, a unit of troops cleared Boko Haram terrorists safehouses in Wala, Tirkopytir, and Durubajuwe towns. Amid the operation, troops recouped 1 corroded General Purpose Machine Gun barrel, 1 pounding machine and 1 privately made Dane firearm.

Boko Haram
“Just as, troops directed a battling watch in Afe, Kudiye, Souma, Dika, Mijigeta and Mida. Amid the operation, the group reached BHT at Kudiye, Mijigete and 20 BHT were slaughtered, while 3 rifles, 41 bikes were decimated, and 370 prisoners saved and brought to Internally Displaced Persons’ camp at Dikwa. Likewise, around Huyum, Jeje and Diba towns.

“The terrorists locating own troops, surrendered their families behind which incorporate 5 ladies, 12 kids. Notwithstanding, own troops murdered 4 of the BHTs. The ladies are as of now experiencing cross examination.

Boko Haram
Boko Haram”Today 3 suicide aircraft endeavored to penetrate into Maiduguri a kilometer in front of Mafa barrier. Courageous troop of the theater shot one dead, while the other exploded and in the process slaughtered the third suicide aircraft.

Boko Haram
“The Theater Commander Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Hassan Umaru lauded the endeavors of the troops and restored require the troops and people in general to be more careful and security cognizant at all times, especially at check focuses, markets, revere focuses, engine stops and schools.

Boko Haram
“He similarly welcomed the backing from general society in rendering valuable data on the exercises of the terrorists. People in general would be kept educated of the circumstance as the need emerges.”

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