Relationships This is why sex makes people act irrationally

No matter how many times you’ve had sex, being horny still retains the ability to overpower your senses and make you act rashly and stupidly.

This is nothing but pure fact.

Men are particularly notorious for saying the stupidest things and making the most outlandish promises when the need for sex comes upon them.


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It is frustrating to want sex and be unable to get it. So people do the craziest things so far it scratches the itch. (Shutterstock)

Canadian scientists carried out a research and published their findings in the Archives of Sexual Behavior in 2016. In essence, they also arrived at the same conclusion that the need for sex momentarily robs people of common sense.

But why exactly is this so?

When you are horny, you get something known as ‘tunnel vision.’ In this context, tunnel vision makes you think of nothing else in that moment but how to release that sexual tension.

It won’t matter at that time that you’ll need to make a poor decision to get laid, all that’ll matter is to just get it one way or another.

When you gotta go, you really gotta go.

No doubt, sex is one of everyone’s most basic needs – both in relationships and outside it. This takes us to the issue of sexual dissatisfaction as a reason for infidelity.

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If you don’t satisfy your partner’s sexual needs, someone else will. (Jaruma)
For people in exclusive sexual relationships, it makes no sense to deny your partner sex as a mode of punishment or to prove a point.

Cheating is of course wrong. It is also wrong to deprive a partner of sex or to refuse to improve on wack sex.

Now that you know that the need for [better] sex surely pushes people into making terrible decisions, you better improve at it and also stop denying your partner when they need it.

If they don’t get it from you. they’ll get it somewhere else, from someone else.