Sean Tizzle | The Journey by Dada Sholadoy

360Submissions: Sean Tizzle | The Journey by Dada Sholadoye

ARTISTE: Sean Tizzle
PROJECT: The Journey
RUNNING TIME: 1hr 12mins 53sec
LABEL: Difference Entertainment
FEATURES: 9ice, Reminisce, Olamide, Iceprince, NaectoC, Tiwa Savage, Kcee
PRODUCERS: D’Tunes, PrinceBoom

Sean Tizzle’s 17-tracked, 1hr 12mins 53sec LP- The Journey has added
to his collection, the volume of Afro-POP music available in the music
scene and the diversity of discovered talents. This genre of music is
calling the shots in the Nigerian music industry at the moment and
people aren’t showing discontentment at all, as the love has never
failed to match every brilliant music.
Mr. Morinhafen Oluwaseun’s acceleration to stardom has
been juxtaposed with his CV more recently particularly when he won the
“Next Rated Artiste” award at the Headies 2013 and this has generated
lots of controversies, loves, hates and many more but Sean Tizzle in all
fairness, is an artiste we are well acquainted with his artistry that
the album “The Journey” is almost not a disappointment. No disappointment at all.

That the album followed a rhythmic pattern, a “onewaywardness”, less
flexibility, less creativity yet the compilation makes you rock your
body tirelessly to the similitude of the Afro-POP beat and lyrics, there
are no disappointments. It is just of little wonder that he didn’t
operate a life band.
That the songs are almost from pre existing concepts (which make the
album less of a mixtape-like) is not less of a disappointment. All the
songs took after the concept of his most massive hit – sho lee (which
didn’t make the album) except for the Bob Marley and 2face Idibia inspired “Could this be love?” Davido’s “Skelewu” influenced “Komagbon” and Duro, Iyanya’s “Flavor” influenced “Igi orombo” Kcee’s comport zone on “All the way”. Although Tizzle did not waste any of the beat, the question is Where is originality?
That the concept of the album art is not cohering with the album title,(
which might not be wrong to say the album cover did not conceptualize
with the album title), is not a disappointment also. It seems like the
project was rushed out from one perspective but the tracklistling was
well arranged.

That the appearance of some tracks on the album is funny is no disappointment. For reasons best known to Mr. Tizzle, Sho Lee, International Badman and Boogey Down didn’t make the cut. This leaves us with little wonder how and why tracks like Arewa and Kilogbe (whose remix is on no.4) could not simply be omitted.
That the message he has got for us in all is how to woo a lady and a
little of gyration, this is also not a disappointment. This seems like
the only message Mr. Tizzle ever had though it’s more of an industry
problem than a native to Sean Tizzle’s. Morals and ethics are missing in
nowadays music.
That the album failed to boast a standout track, is the disappointment.
The journey kinda failed to attract for the somehow controversial
artiste but tracks like Take it, Loke Loke, and Duro would warrant a repeat.


Although the features in this album are debatable, Reminisce and Olamide are two people that we can vouch for any day and anytime to do justice to any beat (which they did).

KCee boasts no spectacularity and Sean Tizzle kinda out sang him on their number.

Iceprince and NaectoC are problem compounders, Sean Tizzle shoulda looked elsewhere.

Tiwa did considerably well too but the number somehow failed to rise above ground level.

The amazing part of this album is the Mr. 9ice’s feature on Loke Loke. It is the regular D’tunes again o….Sean Tizzle!!! But 9ice took this verse to the next platform.

‘Could this be love‘ is the major exception on the album and it’s deserving. It could make you change your mind on Seun’s “onewaywardness”.

Reviewed by: Dada Sholadoye (for: @UndCoverBrother)

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