Six reasons girls place guys in the friend-zone

Many guys fall victim of this scenario; when girls they are interested in dating turn against them because they have grown too close. Most times, men look out for girls that suit their needs and start to see to their needs.

This is their own way of grooming the girls for the time they would eventually ask them out. Before this time, guys try to be available physically, emotionally and financially for these girls. The girls are quick to lean on their shoulders to cry on and the guys know absolutely everything that is going on in the girls’ lives. While this may be a progressive development for the guys, it is also an indication of being placed in the friend zone. Girls have various reasons for putting men in a platonic corner; it goes beyond being attracted to the men. It’s a function of familiarity. They grow so fond of these guys that they discuss issues that have to do with other guys with them. When this happens, the guys try to be rational rather than being emotional and still give them their unbiased opinion about the issue. Doing this automatically leads to a forfeiture of their initial passion and dreams for the girls.
Read below some of the things girls consider when they place guys in the friend zone and ignore the chances of being romantically involved with them;
1. Indecisiveness
Girls place guys in the friend zone because they aren’t sure about the guys’ personalities. Extending kindness to them doesn’t necessarily mean they would date the guys. While placing guys in that friend-zone, many girls determine the real character of a man. It is like putting the men to test. Frustration could make some guys overreact and bring out the worse in them. While those that remain calm may be seen as cool headed people that may be considered for a relationship at the long run.
2. Engaged Or In A Relationship
Girls find it easy to place guys in the friend zone when they are romantically involved with someone. Most times, there is usually a strong presence that clouds their sanity and prevents them from being interested in other guys. Being in a relationship or engaged to another man could also make a lady place other men in the friend-zone.
3. To Give The Men A Chance To Grow
Most ladies feel some men aren’t worth dating. After studying the men’s behaviors for a while, some ladies conclude in their minds that they should be left to grow. In view of this, some men actually exhibit certain behaviors ladies feel totally uncomfortable with. Their manner of approach to issues may be unsatisfactory and the ladies could doubt their ways of handling problems in a relationship. Men like these are placed in the friend-zone and could remain there for as long as possible. The men may not immediately sense they are being cornered into that zone since the ladies still confide in them and they feel like a part of their lives too.
4. Preferences
Some men get placed in the friend-zone due to inability to express their feelings. The ladies may initially have feelings for them and keep waiting for them to ask them out. Eventually, they grow tired of hoping and may move on. However, the ladies may meet other guys who they would feel connected to and kick off almost immediately. Therefore, the men’s inability to express themselves when it comes to relationships and girl issues is seen as a weakness. This would be used as an excuse when the women want to sideline them. In other cases, the men around may not fit into the category of men the women want to date or settle down with.
5. Insecurity From Shared Secrets
Yes, girls love attention. They would naturally connect with anyone who gives them attention or a feeling of being special. Some ladies grow so fond of some men that they give them detailed information about their love and sex life. Everything goes on perfectly until the guys ask them out and they feel disappointed. They feel they can’t afford to go into a relationship with them because they know so many things about them already. Thus, being too close becomes an excuse for the girls to friend-zone the guys.
6. True Friendship
Sometimes, ladies place men in the friend-zone because they really want them as friends. They do not want a complicated relationship or a love story that could degenerate badly. They most times make their intentions known and try to be as plain as possible. Some men keep being in that zone because they hope the ladies would change their minds some day and reconsider. Ladies do this in order not to waste the men’s time and they expect the men not to take that decision personal.

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