Slay queen who claims to be rich on Facebook spotted fetching water (video, photo)

– A Nigerian slay queen has reportedly been caught living a fake lifestyle

– It was reported that the lady who claims to be rich was caught carrying 25 litres of water has come across a viral video of a Nigerian slay who was caught in a lie. The young lady who had been living a fake lifetyle on social media was caught by one of her social media friends.

The slay queen who had reportedly lied to her friends on social media that she lives in a mnsion was spotted in her area where she was seen fetching water.

In the video that went viral, the lady was seen carrying two 25 litre kegs in both of her hands. It was gathered that she dropped the water and ran after she was spotted by someone who knew her as a slay queen on Facebook.

It could be assumed that the reason why people tend to live fake lifestyles on social media is because friends and followers on social media platforms tend to love and admire those with the extravagant lifestyles.

This, however, is one of the negative things about the social media world due to the fact that many people lie about the way they live which tends to mislead people into doing the wrong things most times, just to achieve what the other person has achieved.