Who Always Play The Same Character – 10 Nollywood Actors

The breakout role of most Nollywood actors tend to have a huge impact on the types of roles they land subsequently.

Immediately filmmakers discover that certain actors connect well to a role, they typecast them over and over.

Typecasting doesn’t always occur because an actor doesn’t have the talent required to play a different role, but because he or she finds a strong identification with a role after one or more films.

1. Patience Ozokwor

Often playing the role of the wicked mother, mother-in-law or wife, films like “Submission,” “Terrible Sin” and “Blood Sisters” all display the character that Ozokwor has become best known for.

2. Chiwetalu Agu

Arguably the most stereotyped actor in Nollywood, Chiwetalu Agu has made a career off playing villains and antiheroes.

If your script requires an evil uncle in the village, capable of wiping out an entire village, then Chiwetalu  Agu is your man.

3. Emeka Ani

Emeka Ani

Emeka Ani made a mark in Nollywood as a ritualist or herbalist in an endless list of Nollywood movies that date back to the 90s and early 2000s.

“Evil Melody,”“Adoration Power” and “Cash and Carry” are just a few of the films in which Ani plays the familiar character to perfection.

4. Camilla Mberekpe

Camilla Mberekpe

When it comes to the role of  witch,” Camilla Mberekpe’s name almost unavoidably follows. The actress starred in “Oracle,” “Oganigwe,” “Across the Bridge,” and each of these films had the actress play the same character that earned her fame – a witch.

5. Patrick Doyle

Patrick Doyle Patrick Doyle

While it’s really entertaining to watch Patrick Doyle play a loving father in movies such as “Isoken”, it’s still really hard to picture him as anything else but a Pastor; a role he interpreted perfectly in films such as “Scores to Settle,” “Power must Change Hands” and “The Unbelievers.”

6. Sambasa Nzeribe

There’s no doubt that his character in the award winning “A Mile from Home” was a huge influence on the types of roles we have seen him perfectly interpret in subsequent films such as “Tatu,” “The Wedding Party” and “Slow Country.”

The award-winning actor, however, can’t complain about the fame, money or recognition that has come with being a fantastic villain on screen.

7. Ini Dima-Okojie

Ini Dima Okojie plays Faridah on the EbonyLife original series, "On the Real" Ini Dima Okojie plays Faridah on the EbonyLife original series, “On the Real”

Ini Dima Okojie’s talent has never been in question, but her role as Teni on Africa Magic’s “Battleground” makes it easier to appreciate it more.

“Battleground” offered her an escape from the ‘bitchy’ roles which have trailed her acting career with films such as “On the Real,” “Skinny Girl in Transit” and “It’s her Day.”

8. Tony Umez

Tony Umez Tony Umez

If Tony Umez is the lead actor in a movie, you can expect two things: He would have a wife or mother who controls him and he would have the same “clueless” facial expression all through the movie.

A pastor would also most likely intervene to deliver him from a spell.

“Under Fire” and “Pretender” are just two of his classic interpretations of the familiar trope.

9. Nkiru Sylvanus

Nkiru Sylvanus frequently appeared as the damsel in distress or simply the victim with an uncontrollable flair for crying.

Remember her in the classic “A Cry for Help” and “Evil Forest”?

10. Greg Ojefua

Does your film call for a silly but genuinely entertaining character? Better call Gregory Ojefua.

The talented actor as seen in movies such as “The Women,” “The Arbitration,” “Stormy Hearts” and “Just Not Married,” knows how to deliver ridiculous but hilarious characters to perfection.