Why Do Single Ladies Love Committed and Married Men?

Why Do Single Ladies Love Committed and Married Men?


I am sure there must be something about a married man, or a guy who
has got a committed relationship for that matter, because ladies seem to
prefer these guys to the ones who are single and not committed at all.
One would think maybe such women who knowingly court married men are
greedy, or maybe it’s the fact that the men are unavailable that make
them so appealing, or just that women love to just be in competition
over men. Or is it because a man who is already taken is more
experienced? Is he seen as able to commit more? Is he more desirable
because another woman has pre-screened him? Is it that the food on
someone else’s plate always looks tastier? Or maybe if someone else
wants him or has him already, he must be worth wanting. But whatever the
reason or the answer may be, married men especially seem more
attractive for single women to date – in my experience.

Maybe, I need to get into a woman’s head or better still talk to
single women who like to date married men and guys who are committed in
another relationship. But I find it amusing and confusing at the same
time especially when these ladies are still hoping to get married to
some single and hardworking guy somewhere out there, but constantly
claim that dating a married man is better.

In the past one year, I had reasons to go out sometimes with my
colleagues, most of whom are married, and I discovered that most single
girls we came across would rather love to be with the married ones
amongst us, and the scenario is always odd to me. Or how would one
rationalize an available woman that has got a thing for unavailable men,
which makes her totally unavailable to a single and available man? But I
think most of the time, single women who go for married men either
consciously or subconsciously like the idea of being in pseudo
relationships—relationships that don’t have any potential of requiring
them to make any real commitments to the men in return. But why do they
do this? Why would any woman want to pick a guy who’s already been
taken, when there are a million single guys around? Well, I tried to
think up a few reasons which might be true or not depending on who is
looking at the reasons, but hey! I am just a guy.

Now first reason is that some women who go for married guys actually
didn’t know the guys were married when they first met them. In cases
like this, the women are usually lied to or somehow tricked by these men
into thinking that they’re single, when in the real sense, their
families are either abroad or living in another city. Any woman in this
kind of relationship could be pardoned or overlooked, because it’s not
really her fault. But sometimes, even when this woman finds out the man
had been lying to her all along, she still continues with the
relationship, telling herself she has fallen in love with the man and
can’t easily undo her love for him.

Another reason I see is because such women are of questionable ethics
and moral standards who don’t want a committed relationship anyway,
these women just want a man sometimes, and not all the time. They
usually just want a man for some kind of self-gratification, and they
date married men for money and other sweet things they can offer, they
date married men to take materials things and give sexual pleasure in
return, they are in it for convenience.

Some women also go for married guys because they’re women who have
such a low opinion of men, they think men are all the same; to these
women, there’s no difference between a married man and a single one. So
because they don’t really have any positive expectations for any long
term relationships with men, and because they no longer entertain any
hope of ever having a man all to themselves, they don’t really see any
reason not to date a married man or knowingly share him with someone who
probably has more of his attention.

Lastly, some single women go for married guys because they are just
on power trip; they are predators who hunt for the fun and challenge of
it. They know they are explosively attractive and just want to see how
far their explosive booty can take them, so they specialize in seducing
and dating successful, rich and older married men, and eventually steal
them from their wives, either by making them leave the first wife, or
simply make them an addition in the long run. I bet there are so many of
these women in our society these days, to them, older married men are
the ultimate prize; they date them, love them, and possibly marry them.
But on the real, for them, it is just a power trip.

So, are you a single woman dating a married guy? Or you simply do not
agree with my conclusions above. Let me know through the comment box.
Stay Safe.

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