25yr old girl got shocked after marrying 85yr old man

It was their first night together as husband and wife.
The 25-year-old bride decided to have a separate bedroom from her 85-year-old new husband. She didn’t want her excited groom to overdo it to the point of passing out. As she was dressing up to go to bed, she heard a knock on her door. It was her husband; he wanted to have a good time with her for the first night.

As she was about sleeping, she heard a knock again and it was her husband, the second time. He needed to have a dose of the cookie again. As a dutiful wife, they went another round again. And she was totally tired. She was already dozing when she heard another knock. It was her husband! The third round was over and as the husband was about to leave for his room, the bride said: ‘Dear, that was amazing! I’ve been with men much younger and they can only go once, let alone thrice!’
Her husband looked at her with the look of surprise on his face and said: ‘You mean I’ve been here already?’

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