Davido – Pop singer reconciles with Dele Momodu

Everything is now good between Davido and Dele Momodu.

The pop singer performed at the Ovation Carol yesterday, Sunday, December 17, 2017 where he reconciled with the publisher of Ovation Magazine.

Chief Dele Momodu went on stage while Davido performed. They both hugged and were all smiles.

The Ovation Magazine publisher posted series of photos with him and Davido on stage. In one of the photos, he wrote “True reconciliation, great joy… God bless DAVIDO… God bless DR ADEDEJI ADELEKE for his uncommon maturity… God bless the MOMODU family for that simple heart… We are a family…

In December 2015, Dele Momodu broke the story that Davido wanted to take his daughter Imade to America without the consent of his mother, Sophie Momodu, who happens to be his niece.

Chief Dele Momodu with Davido's daughterChief Dele Momodu with Davido’s daughter

Davido did not appreciate Dele Momodu making the story public. The young singer would later lash out at the media entrepreneur on Instagram. Davido would also bash him on two songs, ‘Ifesinachi‘ remix by Humblesmith and ‘Bad, Baddo, Baddest’ by Falz featuring Olamide.

Dele Momodu would react to the name calling. “I have never responded to any of Davido’s comments, this is the first time I would do that. After ‘Osinachi remix’ video, I called his father… Success is a very tough thing to manage, and your fans can mislead you sometimes.

I know that what he is doing is what most artists do all over the world, to sell their record. so you have to create controversy. I don’t think David ill see me face-to-face and say I’m his boy. I’m his father” he told Joy TV in Ghana in July 2016.

Dele MomoduDele Momodu

Even the video… That’s what is selling his record, and I’m very comfortable with it. while will I fight my own child? I can’t fight him. Now, we’re connected together for life through that baby. I can never fight David. He is too small to me.

“He didn’t call me a thief , he called me a boy. Why should I react to something that’s not true, do I look like anybody’s boy? That would mean I’m childish” he further said.

The Momodu family had several meetings with Davido’s family to settle the custody battle.