Police Shoots Artist As Artists’ Village Is Destroyed (PHOTOS)

The Artists Village which is annexed to the National Arts Theatre witnessed a total destruction as it was reduced to ashes in the early hours of Saturday, January 23, 2016. 
DG National Arts Theatre Kabiru Yusuf leading policemen to artist’s village
The space, which can be readily considered as the only space that still brews creativity and activity within the entire structure of the National Arts Theatre whose glory is dwindling by the day has been demolished under the order of the director general of the National Arts Theatre Kabiru Yusuf.
Some of the salvaged art works and props
 sources said that the DG in company of fully armed policemen came to the artists’ village with bulldozers as early as 7 am on Saturday, January 23 and started demolishing workshops and structures that housed veteran actors, painters, sculptors, drums etc without any prior notice of demolition.
Artists’Village pulled to the ground
The ugly incident has rendered a lot of the artistes mentally homeless and destroyed their priceless intellectual properties.
Some properties outside
Some artists protested the destruction of their source of livelihood and life savings and in the ensuing milieu an artist was shot by the police on his leg twice.
See more photos below:
Left over of Artists Village
DG supervising the demoliton
Meanwhile, Lagos, after several spectators lost their valuables. According to witnesses, the theatre became engulfed in panic after people ran in different directions following the activities of the offenders.

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