Relationship Talk – He only calls me when he needs sex; how do I forget him?

Hi Bukky,

I met this guy early this year. At first I didn’t want to date him but I later fell in love completely with him.

The problem is he doesn’t care about me. He doesn’t call me, he calls only when he needs sex and no matter how hard I try not to respond to him, I will eventually see myself going to him.

If I complain about how he is treating me, he will ask for forgiveness and promise to change yet no change.

I have tried everything I can to forget him but I can’t. It’s as if he is using a spell on me.

Now, a suitor is coming for me but whenever I’m talking to my husband-to-be, or whenever I’m with him, I always think and wish I’m talking to the other guy.

Please help me before this ruins my life, how do I forget him?
Dear reader,

This is a typical case of “the people we love don’t love us back.” And to be very sincere, I know how this feels.

Loving someone so much, yearning for their attention, hoping that they’ll just be all about you and not getting any of that… it really does hurt. I know it does.

And that’s why you have to get yourself up, dust yourself and walk away from the situation, even if it hurts like hell to do so.

Here’s a relationship that holds nothing for you but delays and promises that’ll never be kept. Yes, the sex might be great and all that but it’s toxic. All shades of it and walking away is the only option you have.

It’ll require a lot of restraint to not go back and have one more taste of him whenever he calls, but that’s what you’ve got to do.

Shut your ears to his requests for sex. If possible block channels of communication with him. Stay away from all places where he gets the opportunity to wield his charm on you.

Give yourself the opportunity to bond with someone else. Focus on your boyfriend and how to know him and enjoy being his partner.

It won’t happen overnight, of course, but these are the things you’ll do that’ll ensure that you do not lose what you’re supposed to keep.
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