Would You Buy The N800,000 Sex Doll – If You had The Money?

Somehow the story of a sex doll being sold for N600,000 has managed to take social media by storm as many are of the belief it’s mere waste of fund for anyone who purchases the doll.

A company, @sexyrealsexdolls, has created a new sex doll which is being sold for $2,2,89, a little over N800,000, and already they have recorded quite some purchases.

A couple of celebrities and socialites have also reacted to the sex doll trend and many are totally against it, as they believe spending even lesser amount on a  commercial sex worker, is way more better than a doll.

Now, we have some who agree to this, others have argued the sex doll is better as it doesn’t transmit any disease to them.

So guys, I would love to hear your thoughts though;